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Pound signThe funders listed below offer a wide variety of projects and groups opportunites to apply for funding.  Most have specific criteria which should be checked before applying.

As well as these funders there are a huge number of small funds and trusts. There are a number of searchable databases that could help to identify smaller funders - these may be chargeable depending on what level of detail or length of access is required. These include Funding Scotland, j4bCommunity and GRANTfinder. Community groups may also be able to get support with funding from their local Council for Voluntary Service or Third Sector Interface. Some Scottish Local Authorities also have funding teams or officers who may be able to assist you.

 People's Postcode Trust - Small Grants Scheme

The Small Grants programme has now been reopened with for applications of up to £10,000 (or £2000 for groups not registered as charities). The guidance has been substantially updated and revised. A broad range of activities can be funded. Further details including application deadlines can be found on the website.  

 People's Postcode Trust - Dream Fund

The Dream Fund is a new opportunity for charities and community groups to collaborate and provide efficient services that address the themes of leading active lives, involving volunteers and tacking climate change. Applications for up to £100, 000 will be considered for new and innovative projects that can deliver results within 12 months. £300, 000 will be available in 2011 and £300, 000 in 2012.

Big Lottery - Awards for All

The Awards for All fund is aimed at the broad themes of: art, sport, community activity, education, the environment and health. The four outcomes that the funders wish to see are detailed on the website along with other relevant information and contact details. Awards are between £500 and £10,000.

Big Lottery: Investing in Ideas

Investing in Ideas funding can be awarded to test and develop ideas that could become full projects, for example feasibility studies, community consultation or professional advice. Projects funded through Investing in Ideas may go on to apply for other Big Lottery funds if suitable. Awards are between £500 and £10,000.

The Prince's Countryside Fund

The Prince's Countryside Fund aims to support: projects to improve the sustainability of British farming in areas of deprivation, projects to improve the sustainability of rural communities, and projects to reconnect people with the countryside. Funding available will vary from round to round and both one off payments and ongoing funding will be considered. You can sign up to the newsletter to be alerted when the Fund is open to receive applications.

Coalfields Regeneration Trust - Main Grants Programme

The Coalfields Regeneration Trust accepts applications for funding from community projects in areas with coal mining associations. There are four priority categories: Access to Employment, Education and Skills, Health and Wellbeing, and Access to Opportunities. The main grants programme makes awards of up to £50,000. More information and contact details are available on the Coalfields Regeneration Trust website.

Tesco Charity Trust - Community Awards Scheme

The Tesco Charity Trust awards four rounds of small grants per year. The Trust have two priority areas: Children's Welfare or Education, and Elderly or Disabled people. Community awards are between £500 and £4,000. Larger one-off donations  are currently being reviewed. Further information, criteria and deadlines visit the Tesco Charity Trust website.

Scottish Community Foundation

The Scottish Community Foundation administers and distributes a variety of funds on behalf of a range of funders. While some funds are only available to groups in certain areas there are several programme open to applicants from all over Scotland.

Scottish Community Foundation - General Grants

The General Grants Fund supports organisations with incomes of less than £250,000 per year involved in social welfare and community development activities. From June 2011 only Express Grants for awards of up to £2,000 are available.

Scottish Community Foundation - Women's Fund for Scotland

The Women's Fund for Scotland programme is for charities and community groups working for, and with, women. It generally supports organisations with incomes of less than £250,000 per year. From June 2011 the programme has been refocused to address the impact of the economic downturn on women. As with the General Grants there are Express Grants (up to £2,000) available.

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