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Wind turbine at Berneray Community HallThe funders listed here have particular interests in different aspects of environmental projects including energy efficiency, renewable energy, nature conservation and enviromental sustainability.

Community and Renewable Energy Scheme (CaRES)

The CaRES Loan Fund can support the pre-planning stages of renewable energy projects with substantial community benefit. Community groups can also access a limited fund for longer term loans. There is also a small grant fund for communities using innovation to connect their schemes to the grid.  Full details are on the Community Energy Scotland website. www.communityenergyscotland.org.uk

Scottish Natural Heritage

Scottish Natural Heritage provides grants in two categories. Community Action Grants can provide between £1000 and £20,000 for short term projects that promote community action. Natural Project Grants offer over £10,000 for projects up to three years. Projects outcomes include engaging people with nature and landscapes and improving the management of nature and landscapes.

In addition, they fund the Central Scotland Green Network which offers a Community Project Fund of up to £1000.

Energyshare Fund

Energyshare is a website set up by British Gas and River Cottage as a resource for individuals and community groups looking to save and generate energy. Groups can register on the site and make use of the information guides, make contacts and see what other groups are doing. Groups are now being invited to register their interest in the first round of energyshare funding. Groups are encouraged to provide as much information about their plans as possible and also to gather as much support as they can. For more information have a look at the website.

BIG Lottery

  • Awards for All Scotland gives groups a quick and easy way to get small Lottery grants of between £500 and £10,000. Projects can encourage a wide range of community, arts, sports, heritage, health, education and environmental projects.
  • Investing in Ideas can provide up to £10,000 to help develop ideas into projects. Can include training for your community, professional advice and feasibility studies.
  • Community Spaces Scotland can provide between £10,000 and £250,0000 to improve the appearance, functionality, accessibility, effectiveness and sustainability of local spaces and places (including buildings). Examples include local parks, community parks and gardens, play parks and allotments. Reopens June 2012.
  • Growing Community Assets supports communities to take on ownership and long-term management of local assets to address local needs or inequality.

Climate Challenge Fund

The Climate Challenge Fund supports community projects that focus on significant carbon emission reduction. Projects can include energy efficiency and eco refurbishment, food, travel, waste and and renewable energy feasibility studies.

Scottish Power Green Energy Trust

The Scottish Power Green Energy Trust awards funds to projects using renewable technology. The maximum award is £25,000 but £10,000 is more likely.

SEPA's Water Environment Restoration fund

The Water Environment Restoration fund is available to support projects that improve Scotland's water environment. Projects should also aim to provide environmental, social and economic benefits. The fund is open to a broad range of interest groups, including community groups, fishery trusts, environmental charities and landowners. There are different processes for applications over and under £10, 000 and it is recommended that applicants contact SEPA's restoration specialist as early as possible to discuss their project. More detailed information is available on the website.

Paths for All

Paths for All grant funding is available to help groups get local healthy walking initiatives started. Small grants of up to £2000 and large grants of up to £4000 are available and there are no deadlines for small grants applications. Details of your local Paths of All Development Officer can be found on the website.

The Stations Community Regeneration Fund (SCRF)

The Stations Community Regeneration Fund is availible to make use of disused station buildings as either a business meeting passenger or community needs or a community project. Possible stations include Forres, Fort Matilda, Garelochhead, Gleneagles, Invergordon and Kingussie. 

E.ON Sustainable Energy Fund

E.on provide web based information and a Sustainable Energy Fund opportunity for community groups and not for profit organisations for sustainable energy measures. Grants of up to £20,000.

Naturesave Trust

Community Renewable Energy Grants from the Naturesave Trust provide 'seed corn' funding for community projects in the early stages of developing energy projects. Grants of between £500 and £10, 000.

Crown Estate Marine Communities Fund

To be eligible for the Crown Estate Marine Communities Fund a project must be able to show a link to the Crown Estate. Projects can include education and research, provision of environmental information and practical projects.  There are no specific limits and 100 percent funding can be requested.

Will Charitable Trust

The Will Charitable Trust supports up to eight individual projects per year that care for the countryside including its flora and fauna. Locally based or smaller national charities are likely to be preferred. Grants are from £5,000 to £20,000.

First Group Charity and Sponsorship Committee

The First Group Charity and Sponsorship Commitee has a number of areas of interest including the  environment.

Heritage Lottery Fund - Parks for People

The Parks for People Fund can make awards to projects concerning 'Green spaces in urban or rural areas that are for 'informal recreation and enjoyment'. Relevant green spaces can include 'parks, gardens, squares, walks and promenades'. You can complete the pre-application form online. Grants of £250,000 - £5 million.

Bromley Trust

The Bromley Trust makes grants to charities in the UK that promote sustainability and help develop responsible knowledge and use of the world's resources.


ENTRUST do not fund projects themselves but administer the Landfill Communities Fund on behalf of HM Revenue & Customs. The 'Finding Funding' section of their website includes a Funders Database searchable by local authority area.

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