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In this article you can find out about the work of the Logie Old Graveyard Group.

The group's secretary Eleanor Young tells us about the project, their greatest achievements so far and their biggest challenges.

What are the aims of your project? 

The Old Logie Graveyard Group in the graveyardThe Old Kirk at Logie is an old and very interesting historical site which over a number of years had been allowed to fall into a dangerous state of neglect.

Our group aims to have it preserved as a site of interest and education. There are therefore several different parts to the project:

  • Structural repairs to the ruin to ensure its long term survival
  • Repairs to the watch hut to allow it to be used as a small interpretive centre for the site which can be used for family history research or other educational research
  • Recording of all the gravestones to create a resource for family history research.
    The re-erection of fallen stones and the careful preservation of 17th century stones
  • Care of the natural surroundings at the site, plant and flower growth
  • Repair of gates and other wrought iron work on site on keeping with the original
  • Repair to boundary walls
  • Preparation of educational and publicity material

Where is it?

Logie old graveyard buildingThe Old Kirk at Logie is situated just outside the Stirling City boundary. The present Logie Kirk is on the A99 Stirling to St Andrews road and is very clearly signposted. There is a large car park that serves the church. From the church continue up hill towards Sherrifmuir for about 300 metres and the Old Kirk and Graveyard is on the right hand side at the back entrance to the estate of Stirling University. There is no car parking space available in this area and the road is very narrow. If possible cars should be left in the car park at the bottom of the hill or at Logie Kirk. From the Kirk it will take about three to four minutes to walk uphill to the site.

Who is involved?

The Group has a constitution of six trustees who oversee the work and 62 subscribed members some of whom live abroad.

Stirling Council own the site and therefore have a big say in what happens there. We try to have regular communication with the departments involved particularly the Cemeteries Department. The south and west walls of the ruin are listed and work done to them must be approved by Historic Scotland, we have sought their advice form the start of the project. Stirling University is the immediate neighbour and a good relationship has been established with the estates department there. 

For historical reasons Logie Kirk has an obvious interest in this project. Since the beginning of the project we have tried to involve as many people as possible this has included the two local Community Councils, the local High School, and even passing visitors. We also expect to become part of the Ochil Landscape Partnership within the next year.

How is it funded?

Historic Scotland are expected to pay 50 percent of the cost of the repairs to the two scheduled walls of the ruin. A final figure has not yet been agreed.

Stirling Council's Cemeteries Department has agreed to cover the cost of the re-erection of fallen stones.

Where did you go for help and advice?

Initially contact was made with Stirling Council, regarding ownership and care of the site. Information was then sought from Historic Scotland, about procedures. A local expert on old gravestones gave some advice and we consulted an expert from Edinburgh.

Logie Old Graveyard before and after photosA history professor from Stirling university has an interest in medieval churches and we attended his seminar. We attended as many meetings and talks about the subject as we could and read widely about the subject in both books and internet articles. TV programmes like Who do you think you are? and other history programmes, and an Open University course on Family History Research also proved useful.

We trawled the internet regarding funding sources and submitted applications following the guidance given by the source. We consulted a friendly and supportive lawyer who kept us right on the legal issues. We visited as many old Graveyards as possible to look for examples of good practice. We spoke to the Council Archaeologist and we asked advice from monumental sculptors, wrought iron workers, gardeners,

What has been your greatest achievement so far?

The first award of £46,000 from Heritage Lottery Fund was a fantastic achievement and really encouraged us to go on.

The first work day for volunteers probably matched it. Sixteen volunteers came along to prune bushes and help clear over-growth from the site. We worked for two and a half hours and three full skips of rubbish were removed. There was a fantastic atmosphere among the volunteers. Some did not want to stop as they were seeing such a great change happening as a result their work. A second, long lost 11th century hogback stone was uncovered during the clear up which was a very exciting find.

We have also been very pleased that over the last two years over 800 visitors have come to see the site where we are able to offer guided tours recounting some of the related history.

And the biggest challenge?

Scaffolding up on ruin in Logie Old Graveyard Sadly our greatest challenge is an on going saga. "War and Peace" one might say. Planning Permission is required for this project . Initially applied for in October 2008 after many delays and negotiations between ourselves and Historic Scotland it was finally granted in April 2009 with 35 conditions which had to be fulfilled before we would be allowed to actually start work on site. We are still trying to comply with these and are now really concerned that our funding will expire before the work is even started. We have a professional project manager appointed and a conservation architect appointed and we are all we are all working flat out to try to get something under way soon.

The other heart breaking moment was when we were told that the prepared photographic record of the stones was not correctly done even although we had followed the previously prepared method statement and produced everything as per the proposed sample. At this point we were all ready to walk away and give up completely. We decided however that this was our project and that the educational resource would be produced as we wanted it and have carried on regardless.

Any tips for someone for someone setting up a similar project?

Get as much information and advice as possible before you start it helps when you have to answer question to officials of various organisations. If construction work or anything that needs Planning Permission is involved start that early, it is an interminable process and can put your funding at risk if it takes too long.
Employ a professional project manager early it may cost money but will save you weeks of time.
Keep records of everything no matter how trivial it seems at the time, even emails. Keep minutes of all meetings particularly those with official bodies and keep copies of everything that you send away. Back up with hard copy in case the computer crashes. You will have a mountain of paper but proof of what you have done if needed.

What's next for your project?

Close up on Logie Old Graveyard ruin

Most recent news is that part of the boundary wall will be repaired in October thanks to funding from Ochil Landscape Partnership.

Moving forward we hope to raise sufficient funding to complete the work to the boundary wall and begin the restoration of wrought iron work at the rear of the building. We continue to research and investigate the history of the site.

More information

Our web site is at www.logieogg.com

A newsletter is sent to members approximately monthly the information from it is then put on the website.

Scaffold up on ruin at Logie Old GraveyardThe secretary visits groups eg. Rotary Clubs or Guilds to talk about the project and raise awareness about what is happening.

Contact details

  • Secretary, Mrs Eleanor A. Young
  • 7, Easter Cornton Road, Causewayhead,STIRLING, FK9 5ER
  • Tel: 01786 475414
  • Email:logieogg@btinternet.com
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