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They say you can tell a lot about a person by what is in their credit report and I was curious as to what was in mine. I had worked myself to the bone after I turned eighteen to try and build my credit up and what I later found out, not only shocked me but had also shocked the cops.

I had often heard about ways to get a free credit report online but had never tried it before until I learned that my electric was turned on at a different address, one that I had never lived at before.

I must have been around the age of 21 when I tried to have my electric turned on at my new house. The electric company told me that I had a rather large bill that needed to be taken care of. I told them that they must have the wrong person because I had never had service with them before. I sweet talked my way into getting the address where the service was on at and the lady told me about a way that I could obtain a free credit report online.

The name of the company was easy to remember, It was so easy to remember that I went home and looked the site up. After entering some simple information like my current address, social security number, my previous address, employer, and a little bit of other information, I was able to print out and look over my free credit report online. This wasn’t just any free credit report company; they allowed you to obtain your free credit report online from three of the major credit reporting agencies.

After reviewing over my credit report, I noticed that there were a lot of bills and other things that were there that I had not signed up for. I was in a mass hurry to get this fixed but didn’t know where to begin so I looked at the website,, and found a link to where you could object to any negative readings that you had obtained from your free credit report online service.

I simply filled out the information and received a phone call from them within the next twenty-four hours to let me know that they received the information and was going to investigate it. They were also nice enough to let me know what my next steps should be as far as notifying the police and how to get my credit back in order.

I had also received information on how to be alerted anytime that something in my credit report changes. They allow you to try out their alert service for a month before being charge $12. I tried the free trial and loved it.

Tips to help you obtain a free credit report online:

If you really want to know what your credit report is without having to pay for it, anytime that you fill out an application for a loan that is denied, you are able to receive a free credit report and you can look up a free credit report online service like the one that I had mentioned before to receive yours free of charge.

Also, once a year you are allowed to receive a free credit report from all three major credit reporting agencies free of charge and you should mark this day down in your calendar and get a free credit report online.

Many companies will also allow you to have a free trial with their free credit report online services for a small period before being charged. Sign up for one of these companies and take advantage of the free credit report online just remember to cancel before the trial ends.

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