Low credit score loans are a means of borrowing money when an individual has an adverse credit history. It is possible to get a secured loan on an item of value or get a quick cash advance without being required to provide any collateral.

Low Credit Score Loans

The overwhelming majority of bad credit homeowner loans involve a credit check. However, a quick cash advance, such as a payday loan, can be provided on the same day without this requirement. The risk faced by adverse credit lenders will be reflected in the monthly repayments.

Interest Rate When Borrowing Money

An unsecured loan for poor credit will attract a higher rate of interest than a loan that is secured on a house, car or other item of value. The default rate faced by a bad credit lender is a lot higher. The interest rate charged will reflect the risk; the provision of collateral helps to reduce this.

Establishing Affordability

Whilst a quick cash advance can help someone out of a short-term financial hole, the interest rates on such loans are often usury. Payday loans regularly attract an APR of upwards of 1000%. Consider carefully how paying $15 to $20 on every $100 borrowed will affect family finances the month after.

FICO Credit Scores

A poor credit history needn’t last indefinitely. Making timely repayments on loans, mortgages and bad credit cards will help to improve a FICO credit score in upwards of 6 months. Bank loans for bad credit should be refinanced at a later date as more competitive deals will be available.

Where to Get a Low Credit Score Loan

  • Pawnbrokers. Those who wish to borrow money need to provide the pawnbroker with an item of value (such as gold, jewelry or electrical equipment). Interest rates are typically about 80% APR.
  • Payday loan lenders. Provide a quick cash advance without the need for a credit check. Applicants will need to be U.S. citizens, in full-time employment and be able to provide identification.
  • Credit Unions. A non-profit organization that lends money to their members at an affordable rate.
  • Prosper.com. This is a peer-to-peer lender where people lend money to each other through a bidding interface. It is possible to apply for $25,000 unsecured loans for poor credit.
  • Logbook loans. Bad credit lenders offer loans to customers based upon the value of their car. It is necessary that the vehicle is fully owned by the individual and not in a live hire purchase agreement. The car doesn’t legally belong to someone until the final repayment is made.

Whilst low credit score loans can help someone out of a short-term financial hole, they can also be a source of further financial difficulties. It is important that anyone who is considering one is in a position to make repayment as interest can and will accumulate quickly.

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